Hi Everyone

Welcome to Shay Hunston Photography –

I am a freelance photographer with a passion for creating striking natural photographs, specialising in portrait and landscape photography.

I am currently taking black and white portraits of the people living in the towns, villages, Islands and remote locations along the West Coast of Ireland.

I have staged multiple portrait exhibitions to date, including a major exhibition at Cork Airport.

Slideshows of portraits taken in West Cork have featured abroad at the ‘Public Eye Soar’ – International Art & Photography Festival in Florida.

The West of Ireland portraits have received an extensive amount of publicity in print and online media, both nationally and internationally, including RTE News, Lonely Planet, Irish Central/New York, The Irish Times, The Examiner and Go Wild Magazine, reaching a global audience to date of 17 million.

These portraits are a celebration of the people living along the West Coast, giving them a voice, acknowledging their way of life and connecting them to other parts of the world, creating a global interest in the West Coast of Ireland.